UNTHSC Health Institute Summer Research Rotation for 1st year TCOM students

The UNTHSC Office of Health Institutes is pleased to announce a summer research rotation designed to introduce a select group of TCOM students to a hands-on research rotation.
? This four week program is offered to rising first year TCOM students during the summer break between year 1 and year 2.
? The 2017 academic year?s rotation will take place from Monday 6/5/17 thru Friday 6/30/17 on the UNTHSC campus.
? Students accepted to this program will have the opportunity to work on a research project under the direction of a faculty member appointed to one of the following UNTHSC Institutes: https://www.unthsc.edu/health-institutes/about-us
o The Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases.
o The Institute for Healthy Aging
o The North Texas Eye Institute
o The Institute for Molecular Medicine
? Students who apply will undergo a competitive application process.
? A maximum of 25 students will be chosen to participate.
? Students selected will participate in
o an orientation session
o four hours of research didactics including introduction to the research lab, responsible conduct of research, reporting / presenting research data
o a full-time four-week hands on research experience under the direction of a faculty research mentor
o a scholarly activity such as a poster presentation
? The deadline to apply for the 2017 rotation is 3/10/17 at 5:00 pm

Additional information including an application to the Health Institutes Summer Research Rotation @ https://www.unthsc.edu/health-institutes/about-us