OneUniversity Studio open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays *by appointment only*

**The One University Studio will be closed for the following HOLIDAYS:

Thanksgiving – November 26th to November 29th

Winter Break – December 24th to January 3rd

The OneUniversity studio is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! To book your time in the studio for your project, please send an email to or send an email one of the videographers listed below:

Rens Bais with CIL –
Adam Van Fossen with CIL/INCEDO –
Stephen McBroom with INCEDO –
Felipe Monjaras with OBC –

To make sure that we limit the exposure to COVID-19, we have a cleaning schedule that us videographers adhere to, and there are a few entry and usage guidelines that have to be followed:
– Please wear disposable gloves and mask at all times. You can remove the mask while you’re recording if you wish
– Keep the 6’ rule at all times
– A maximum of 4 people (including the videographer) are allowed in the studio
– Please be on time, do not come early. We do not allow waiting in the hallway, due to possible exposure with others
– Do not touch any of the studio gear (except videographers). This minimizes exposure
– High touch surfaces such as door handles, keyboard, mouse and the height adjustable desk will be cleaned after every use.
– Be aware that the soft surface chairs in the Cozy corner is limited to 2 people only (and they have to be at least 6’ apart)
– Hand sanitizer and Clorox cleaning wipes will also be made available
We will also post signs with entry and usage guidelines along with the cleaning schedule that will be posted outside and inside the studio. Please let us know if you wish to have a copy of the complete entry and usage guidelines document.

*The library remains closed. For entry, meet your videographer at your appointment time at the freight elevator on the ground floor of the library by the clinic parking garage.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to