Thank a Research Administrator This Week!

National Research Administrators Day was Sunday, September 25, and UNTHSC has decided to celebrate all week! This is a day to recognize the contributions made by Research Administrators every day. Research Administrators consist of a variety of people and offices across our campus from departmental administrators and project managers to staff in the Office of Grant and Contract Management, Research Compliance, Lab Animal Medicine and Commercialization just to name a few.

We encourage you to spend this week showing appreciation to all of the administrators who help support your research. Get out that Integrity High Five and write one up for the IRB or IACUC research compliance specialist that helped you revise your protocol, or grab a few Serve Others First High Fives and head down to OGCM to thank your grant specialist who keeps you on track with your grant spending or gets your proposal out the door on time, and then walk over to DLAM and thank the tech that keeps your animals healthy. Don?t forget your departmental research support! Remember who put in all those requisitions so your subawardees could get paid and your lab supplies could be ordered, or helped you prep your budget for that big proposal?

And that one special person who really goes above and beyond for you? Nominate him or her for Valubility of the month, and don?t forget to let their boss know just how great they are!