Parking Office to make changes to contractor parking

In order to better serve the HSC community, the HSC Parking office will be making the following changes for non-HSC affiliated contractors who desire to park on the HSC campus.

Contractors will receive a yellow contractor parking permit. This permit will allow contractors to park in areas designated for contractor parking. Authorized contractor parking spaces will be designated by YELLOW stripes. Contractors will only be authorized to park in these designated yellow striped locations. The following locations will be designated for contractor parking:
Upper level of garage 5
Upper level of garage 9
Designated yellow striped spaces in surface lot 7

Any vehicle displaying a valid HSC parking permit may park in contractor space if other spaces are not available or as needed.
Our goal with these changes is to facilitate first right access to parking spaces, particularly at lower levels of garages, for students, staff, and faculty while at the same time supporting our surrounding neighbors and the need for parking.