Opportunity to obtain Postdoctoral Scholars in Cancer Research
September 24, 2021

Postdoctoral Scholars in Cancer Research: Supports the postdocs conducting research in cancer and health disparities.

The HSC Scholars in Cancer Research Program (HSC-SCRP) is an innovative, integrated training program focused on the students at critical transition points, early undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral career stages that are essential to meet the need of the cancer research workforce in Texas and USA.

The goal for the Postdoctoral Scholars in Cancer Research is to recruit or retain highly talented early-stage cancer researchers in Texas and provide them training for professional development and prepare them as well-trained next generation researchers in cancer and health disparities. The other objective is to recognize talented URM researchers and increase their representation in cancer research.

The purpose of this message is to identify faculty members focus on any aspect of cancer research that maybe interested in obtaining a postdoctoral scholar through the CPRIT grant.

The funding will be used to attract :
* Postdoctoral fellows with interest in cancer research
* Individuals from groups underrepresented in health professional programs (racial/ethnic groups, disabilities, disadvantaged backgrounds)
* The scholars must have a commitment to careers in basic, translational, clinical and community-based approaches to solving cancer and cancer disparities

Benefits for faculty member:
* support for 60% of salary (matching 1st year postdoctoral fellow compensation by NIH guidelines); mentor must support the uncovered 40%
* salary support for up to 30 months
* $2,000 per year travel funds to attend a regional/national conference.

Are you interested in obtaining a postdoctoral scholar? do you need more information about this opportunity? Send an email to Dr. Bruce Bunnell ( and Roda Cotanay ( and they will be happy to assist you. Please don’t forget to include your cancer research interest and your contact information when you send the email.

Thank you!