Migrate Your Web Forms

Heads up! An upcoming change may affect you.

Beginning on Nov. 1, the MachForms software previously provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications will no longer be available. If you “own” a form on MachForms and are still using it, you will need to move your form to another form tool. This applies to free-standing forms and forms embedded on a unthsc.edu web page.

After December 1, 2020 we will no longer be able to retrieve or export submissions that were made to the old Machform system.

How do I know if my form is on MachForms?

1. Did the Marketing and Communications Team (previously Office of Brand and Communication) help you build it? If so, there’s a good chance it’s on MachForms.
2. Does the web address for your form include “forms.unthsc.edu”? If you answered “yes,” you need to move your form.

You can read more about the other form options available here.