Looking for labs to pilot a new efficiency program – Grants will be awarded after the pilot!
October 13, 2015

The Office of Sustainability (in partnership with Safety Office and others on campus) has been developing a sustainability lab program called Lab Efficiency Action Program or LEAP. LEAP is an incentive program encouraging labs to be more sustainable through efficiency, conservation, safety, and collaboration. Labs will earn points based on credits in 6 different categories then be awarded grants based on the level of certification (after the pilot phase). Many universities are doing these ?green lab certifications? such as Harvard, UC Santa Cruz, etc., and they have shown to improve lab performance.

The plan is to pilot the program with labs this fall. Then we will reassess the program in the spring and do a full campus-wide launch next summer. After it?s piloted, the program will award up to $3000 to labs for certification. Labs who pilot the program will receive special recognition and be in a good position to receive grants after the program is launched.

Contact or 817-735-2451 to learn more about the program and get details.