In case you missed Career Readiness Month: Recorded sessions and other resources available!

Students! It is with sincere gratitude that the HSC Career Center concludes Career Readiness Month for April 2020 in celebration of your participation (all through virtual means!), and hopefully the takeaways from each of the events and activities that will benefit you throughout your career journey. This was certainly a team effort, and there are numerous faculty and staff supporters who were also instrumental in making this month’s activities a success.

Throughout April, there were many topics explored, all to spotlight the Career Readiness Skills that the Health Science Center deems crucial in your success:
• Communication
• Interprofessional Teamwork
• Problem Solving
• Leadership
• Resiliency
• Intercultural Fluency

In case you missed any of the live sessions or would like to go back and revisit those you experienced, you can find the recordings in Canvas (UNTHSC authentication required):

Additional Resources for Job Seekers/Job Market Updates:
While we can’t predict the future given the challenges and uncertainties of today, what we can provide you is our ongoing commitment to being with you every step of the way in your job search. We are continually identifying resources and innovative technology to ensure we are all abreast of the latest market information and trends and you have the resources you need successfully navigate your career plan. Please visit the Career Center website for updated information as the job market continues to adjust:

The Career Center will continue to offer activities, resources, and of course, personal career advising, all ready and waiting for you to reach out to us! To schedule an appointment with a career advisor, login to Grades First, or contact the Career Center at