IACUC / IRB deadline for RAD projects is rapidly approaching ? Deadline is February 18

The deadline for submitting Research Appreciation Day (RAD)-related research projects that do not yet have IACUC or IRB approval is Thursday, February 18, 2016. Any project submitted for IACUC or IRB review after this deadline will not be considered for RAD. Therefore, it is not a good strategy to wait until the last minute to submit a project for IACUC or IRB review.

If you are planning to present a research project at RAD, and the project involves (or involved) animals or human subjects, then the project must have IACUC approval (if the research involves animals) or IRB approval (if the research involves human subject research) at the time of RAD submission. This requirement is to comply with federal regulations and UNTHSC policies for conducting animal and human subject research. NOTE: RAD applicants will need to provide the IACUC or IRB project number associated with their RAD abstract as part of the RAD application process.

For Animal Research:

Please visit the link below, or contact the IACUC Administrator, Kim Cavanaugh, at (817) 735-2533 with any questions.


For Human Subject Research:

Note that involvement of human subjects in research can either be through direct physical interactions (e.g., surveys, blood samples, physical interventions, etc.) or indirect measures (e.g., secondary data analyses, retrospective chart reviews, case studies, etc.). Please contact the IRB main desk at (817) 735-0409, or visit the link below for additional information and guidance on how to submit a research project to the Office of Research Compliance / IRB.

For RAD Participants