Global Health Initiative ‘Pie-A-President’ Fundraiser

Come out and pie your favorite student organization presidents, first year reps, and professors for JUST $2!!
3 PIES FOR $5.
All proceeds go toward medical supplies for our upcoming mission trip.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!! Whichever organization raises the most money wins a mystery prize!!!! So invite all your friends to come have a good time!!

See you all on Friday, November 3rd at 12:00PM in the MET lawn!!

Below are the presidents/first year reps/professors you have an opportunity to pie!
-Kelsey Floyd (GHI)
-Greg Fuller (ACOFP)
-Millie Chen (APAMSA)
-Tavisty Tarkenton (EMIG)
-Sagar Shah (Oncology)
-Bryan Noblett (Pediatrics Club)
-Kelly Johnson (Pediatrics Club)
-Brandon Schmeits (SOSA)
-Lindsay Brooks (SCAGS)
-Michael Petrus-Jones (LGBT & Allies Association)
-Alex Lo (IHI)
-Simran Malhotra (TOGAS)
-Kevin Honan

First Year Reps:
-Alison Ho (APAMSA)
-David Lam (TMA, ACOFP)
-Nivi Sukumar (GHI)
-Sneha Sudanagupta (SERT)
-Prachi Thapar (SRC)
-Dennis Kulp (Human Anatomy Society)
-Jorge Gonzalez (LMSA)
-Peyton Chapman (GHI)
-Bryndis Grissom (Pediatrics Club)
-Holy Chor (SNMA)
-Carly Randall (SNMA)
-Dallas Miller (GHI)
-Steven Mai (TMA)

-Dr. Gibson
-Dr. Filipetto
-Dr. Rosales