GEW has 3 more days LEFT!

Have you registered for Global Entrepreneurship Week yet? There is still great sessions for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Don’t miss out on a great week of all free & all virtual sessions for the best week celebrating entrepreneurship!
Be sure to register at www.gewfortworth for a schedule of sessions and networking with entrepreneurs and changemakers in various industries!

9:00am New Retail Safety + Innovation During a Pandemic | Kendra Scott
9:00am Technology Policy Updates and Predictions | Jessica Vittorio
9:30am Important Terms in a Term Sheet | Andrew Kussmaul
10:00am Innovate Fort Worth Podcast ft. Elyse Dickerson, Eosera Inc. | HSC
10:00am Overcoming the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship | Victor Johnson
10:00am Entrepreneurship and Inclusion Across the World | 1MCFW
11:00am Accelerate DFW – Pitch Battle 2020: Day 3 | Accelerate DFW
11:00am Marketing Poker: How to Play the Game & Win | Proxxy
12:00pm Introduction to TCC’s Everyday Entrepreneur Fund | EEVF & TCC
12:00pm Tinh thần khởi nghiệp người Việt tại Hoa Kỳ | TechFW
1:00pm The Essential Eight – How to Host an Effective Event | Moxie Concepts
1:00pm From Waste to Worth: The Limitless Frontier|City Material Management
1:30pm HSC Startup Series with John Dearie | HSC
2:00pm Learn to Dream: Latinx Entrepreneurship in Fort Worth | FWHCC
2:00pm How to Make Money with a Drone | Cumulus Technologies
2:00pm Startup Crawl | GEW Organizing Team
3:00pm UTA Maverick Resources for Startup Success | UTA
3:00pm The Power of COLLABORATION for Women Entrepreneurs (WE) | Ensemble

9:00am Grow Your Women Owner Business with Resources | JNIWL
9:00am Entrepaidneur: Automation Hacks for Entrepreneurs | Entrepaidneur
9:30am Rapid Prototyping: Reducing Risk & Saving Money | Artkai
10:00am Finding Your Brand DNA in Real Time | Equuos Quo & Brand Builders
11:00am Accelerate DFW – Pitch Battle 2020: Day 4 | Accelerate DFW
11:00am The UN SDGs & Why They Should Drive your Business | Zach Weisman
11:30am Fundraising Beyond the Family and Friends Round | Eduardo Zaldivar
12:00pm Global Perspectives: Link Between Diversity & Innovation | Infinity Law
12:00pm PR for Business: Leveraging Press & Media for Exposure | Leah Frazier
12:00pm A Roadmap to Support the Future of Underserved Entrepreneurs | CTL
1:00pm Innovate Fort Worth Podcast ft. Tamara Payne, Ensemble | HSC
1:00pm Orchids + Sweet Tea Mixed w/ Southern Hospitality|Orchids + SweetTea
1:00pm Advice from Angels | TechFW & Cowtown Angels
1:30pm HSC Startup Series featuring Tarrant County Startup Stats | HSC
2:00pm The Big Idea Competition at Texas Startup Roadshow|Capital Factory
2:00pm How to Build Financial Security | Bradley Lobner
2:00pm Behind the Mask: Current State of Entrepreneurship Post COVID-19
3:00pm The Power of COMMUNITY for Women Entrepreneurs (WE) | Ensemble
5:00pm Simple Steps to Starting your Business with SCORE | FWPL
5:30pm REDTalk Business Community Forum | RED + CTL
6:00pm Fort Worth Biz Plan Competition | City of Fort Worth & Frost Bank

9:00am HSC Alumni Conversations with Rachel Miller | HSC Career Center
9:00am University Entrepreneur Programs International Roundtable | Infinity Law
9:00am Coffee with the Chamber – Up Your Networking Game! | FWHCC
10:00am Startup Nation Israel: Tiny Place, Big Innovation | Nirit Harel
10:00am UTA Maverick Diversity in Entrepreneurship | UTA
10:30am Impact Fort Worth Networking
11:00am Impact Fort Worth
11:00am Accelerate DFW – Pitch Battle 2020: The Finals | Accelerate DFW
12:00pm Impact Fort Worth
12:00pm SMU E-Club Elevator Pitch Competition | SMU Entrepreneurship Club
12:30pm Mindfulness for High Achievers | Frankie Simmons
2:00pm The Future of Green Startups for DFW | eCarra
2:00pm Amplifying 817: Music Entrepreneurship in Fort Worth | FWPL

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