FY2015 Year-end Dates to Remember!
August 18, 2015

As we approach the end of another fiscal year on August 31, 2015 there are a number of important dates you should have on your calendar. To ensure all FY2015 transactions are recorded in the correct accounting period and expenses are charged to your FY2015 budget not your FY2016 budget, please note the following dates:

August 19 ? ePro Requisitions:
ePro requisitions of $25,000 or less using FY2015 budget must be created and approved by 5:00 pm. Additional information about ePro transactions may be found at

August 21 ? PCard Purchases:
All PCard purchases using FY2015 budget must be completed by 5:00 pm. (It has been recommended that PCards should not be used again until September 3rd. Additional information for PCard activity may be found at

August 31 ? Deposits:
All FY2015 Departmental deposits (cash and checks) should be delivered to the Cashiers Office no later than 3:00 pm.

September 2 ? PCard Data Entry in GCM:
PCard data entry in GCMS for FY2015 transactions must be completed by 5:00 pm.

September 3 ? IDTs and Journal Worksheets:
All FY2015 IDTs and Journal Worksheets must be received in Finance ( by 5:00 pm. Any items received after this time will be recorded in FY2016.

September 3 ? Petty Cash and Inventories:
All Petty Cash and Inventory Certifications are due by 5:00 pm.

September 8 ? Payment and Travel Vouchers:
Payment and travel vouchers for FY2015 must be received by the Business Service Center by 5:00 pm. Additional information for payment and travel vouchers may be found at

September 8 ? Voucher Input/Corrections:
All voucher input/corrections are due by 3:00 pm. Information such as receiving reports, invoices or other information required by the BSC to process a voucher should be completed prior to this date.

With your help we look forward to another successful year-end close. If you have questions please contact Paula Welch, System Associate Controller at