FA Week March 28-31 FREE PIZZA & COOKIES!!!
March 25, 2016

The UNTHSC Financial Aid Office will be having our spring Financial Aid Week March 28th ? 30th. Starting Monday, Paul Goebel from UNT Denton will be on campus again for our money management series. Tuesday TSgt Caleb Walker from the US Air Force will be on campus with military and scholarship opportunities for various programs. Wednesday Cathy Sanchez will be going over loan repayment options and how to access your loan balances in detail, bringing a laptop to this event is highly recommended. Thursday we will be in the MET Lobby to answer any questions you may have. We hope that you can join us for these events. Monday there will be FREE PIZZA and we will have cookies for our Tuesday and Wednesday Events!!
? Monday March 28th Paul Goebel, Money Matters, 12:00pm EAD 514 PIZZA!!
? Tuesday March 29th Caleb Walker, US Air Force, 12:00pm EAD 514 COOKIES!!
? Wednesday March 29th Cathy Sanchez, Repayment 12:00pm EAD 406 COOKIES!!
? Thursday March 31st FA Staff, Questions 11:00am MET Lobby