Excellent Paid Summer Research Opportunity for TCOM Students-Medical Student Traning in Aging Research- MSTAR AFAR- Applications Due by 27th January 2017

This is an excellent paid summer research opportunity for TCOM students with $1980/month stipend. The TCOM students who will have successfully completed Year-I by June 2017 are eligible to attend the program. Please follow this link for more details: http://www.afar.org/research/funding/mstar

If you have any further questions, or need guidance with application please contact Dr. Kiran Chaudhari, MD PhD, Coordinator, MSTAR, at Kiran.Chaudhari@unthsc.edu OR Dr. Janice Knebl, DO MBA, Director, Center for Geriatrics at Janice.Knebl@unthsc.edu