Earth Day Charity Kickball Tournament Winner!
May 12, 2015

Thank you very much to all who endeavored to participate and who donated to the Earth Day Kickball Charity Event!
Over $220 dollars was raised for by four teams, ?GSBS?, ?The Hemiballers?, ?The TheraBandits? and the ?Wilderness Warriors?, and through donations by participants at the UNTHSC Earth Day Event.
The Wilderness Warriors, a team mostly comprised of members of the Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group, would emerge victorious from the tournament! This team will have all of the donated funds given to support the Walk Off The War program, which is carried out through the ?Warrior Hike”. This program is designed to support veterans transitioning from their military service through the therapeutic action of hiking America?s National Scenic Trails, allowing a medium to socialize and interact with other veterans throughout their journey, and assisting with job placement and employment of veterans. Find out more about their charity at this website
See pictures of the winning team on the Earth Club OrgSync page!
Again, thank you for all your support of this Earth Club event and congratulations to the Wilderness Warriors!