Contract Liaison delegations for FY 2023

The Office of Contract Administration (OCA) requires delegation of department Contract Liaisons for FY 2023. Each Department Head whose area has cause to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of HSC must delegate a department Contract Liaison(s).

Please complete a delegation for each staff member who will be managing and/or submitting business contracts for FY23. A new form is required even if there are no changes to your department Contract Liaison.

Completion of the online Contract Liaison Delegation form is required for access and appropriate permissions for Department Heads and Contract Liaisons. Simply log in with your EUID and password, select ‘Add Liaison’ and complete the required fields. If you need assistance with the form, view the OCA Job Aid-HOW DEPARTMENT HEADS DELEGATE A CONTRACT LIAISON at this link: or contact us Office of Contract Administration, e:

Please complete and submit the electronic form by September 15, 2022.