Charity Kickball Tournament
April 27, 2016

Charity Kickball Tournament!

The tournament is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 28th between 6:30 pm-8:00pm.

You may sign up as an individual or a team. If you sign up as an individual you will be assigned to a team.

Please sign up by April 27th

Link to sign up:

If you want to sign up as a team: a full team usually has 8 members. If your team does not have at least 8 members, that is ok! We may add people to your team or merge two teams.
Remember, the purpose of this event is for teams to compete and then have the winning team donate their entry funds to a charity of their choice.
We will be asking each team to offer a donation of at least $50 to participate in the tournament, however, we will be accepting donations of any size for you to play! You can also donate more to the event if you want!

Individuals are welcome to donate any amount! Any donation received will go to an organization in need within Fort Worth!

Student organizations can also sponsor a group through their off-campus account.

Donations can be brought to the student development office in SSC 204. Please bring cash for your donation. If you would like to bring a check or need a receipt, please email me at for more information!

With your donation, we would very much appreciate:

The name of your organization
Indication as to whether or not you are entering tournament funds or making a separate donation
Your name (if you are an individual and wish to share your name)
The amount of donation
If you have signed up to play, you will be contacted again later with your full team roster, kickball rules, and the time of your game, as well as any other pertinent team information!