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About the Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness

Code of conduct reinvention, education/training and policy simplification helps an organization improve its compliance program. However, organizations that have established values and a strong organizational culture are key to any compliance program. The continued progress and success of a compliance strategy is to create an effective and successful integrity-based approach to the compliance program.

The Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness (formerly known as the Office of Institutional Compliance and Integrity) creates an integrity-based approach program that emphasizes responsibility for ethical behavior and commitment to our Code of Culture. By utilizing this proactive approach, we demonstrate the consistency of our values in action with choices and decisions as an institution and individually.

The Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness will continue to have oversight and management of HSC’s Compliance Program which includes policies, clinical compliance, compliance education and training, privacy, investigations, conflict of interest and the Code of Culture.

Please see this link to learn more about the compliance vs. integrity based approach. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Desiree Ramirez at

Desiree K. Ramirez, CCEP, CHC|Sr Vice President and Chief Integrity Officer|RISE Team Chair, Office of Institutional Integrity and Awareness