2023 Get Fit Texas Move More Activity Tips

Find creative ways to be more active anytime and anywhere because every minute counts towards the goal of at least 150 minutes per week for the Get Fit Texas Challenge.

See how you can combine exercise with other daily activities like watching TV, cleaning, or cooking below:

• Be mindful of fitness opportunities during screen time. Walk or jog in place, lift weights, or do yoga while you watch your favorite shows. Split TV marathons with small sessions of activity between episodes.

• Add micro-movements to typically sedentary activities. Use micro-movements like glute squeezes, abdominal contractions, and pelvic floor exercises while watching TV or waiting for food to warm up. Your core will thank you!

• Actively play with your pets! Choose pet toys that can get you moving too, like playing fetch.

• Make exercises accessible. Keep equipment somewhere it can easily be used for a quick workout.

• Add variation to your routine. While walking mix-up your routine by adding wall push-ups, lunges and/or other exercises. Or do short, one-minute intervals at a faster pace to boost the intensity.

Read How to Move More Anytime Anywhere from American Heart Association to learn more.