The ITR Biomarker Core consists of >5,000 sqft of wet-lab research space. The Biomarker Core has been automated with the Hamilton Robotics systems for handling of blood samples. Blood Aliquot Equipment: The Hamilton Robotics easyBlood system (easyBlood) has been installed. This system is used for separation of serum, plasma and buffy coats from newly collected blood samples. This system is also set up for realiquot purposes to ensure that any remaining blood samples are rapidly and accurately realiquotted for storage in the biorepository. The proteomics laboratory consists of 3 full-time personnel, which includes a dedicated lab manager and dedicated QA/QC manager, dedicated biorepository person and dedicated proteomic assay person (utilizing automated equipment). The Biomarker Core is responsible for protocol management and oversight of the HABLE and ADPC Biorepositories, completion of proteomic assays for the HABLE and ADPC studies as well as providing input to any ancillary studies utilizing the HABLE and ADPC biospecimens. Dr. James R. Hall is director of the Biomarker Core.

Ongoing Grants

  • R01AG051848
  • R01AG058252
  • R01AG058664
  • NACC 2016-04
  • U01AG051412
  • U01AG051412-S1
  • U01AG051406
  • R56AG061837