Dr. Misti Zablosky

Chair and Associate Professor in Personalized Health and Wellbeing

My name is Misti Zablosky, and I am the chair and an associate professor in the Department of Personalized Health and Wellbeing, starting on Sept. 1. I teach “Exercise for Health and Chronic Conditions” in the Master of Science in Lifestyle Health Science and Coaching Program. Our online graduate program is innovative and provides you with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to become a certified health and well-being coach specializing in evidence-based lifestyle medicine.

As well as being a certified health and well-being coach and licensed athletic trainer, I am also a certified lifestyle medicine professional. I hold a PhD in kinesiology and a background in sport management. Along with my duties as Chair and faculty member, I also manage an exercise clinic for cancer patients and survivors.

Department Details: Our department holds an MS Degree in Lifestyle Health Sciences and Coaching and is preparing to offer an MS in clinical nutrition in the fall of 2025. We have experts in nutrition, exercise, behavior change, mindfulness, lifestyle medicine, health and wellness coaching and other areas of health.

What’s the best way to work with your department? There are many options to work with our team department. The best way to discover opportunities is to meet with our team and brainstorm potential collaborations.

Who are the best points of contact in your department? Misti Zablosky

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