Your sources for weather closing information

When the weather turns to snow and ice, check these sources for Health Science Center inclement weather closing information:

  • Call our main phone number: 817-735-2000. If the Health Science Center closes for inclement weather, a special recorded message will inform you of the closing times. The message will be removed when the Health Science Center reopens.
  • Make sure your Red Alert information is current so you receive closing information. UNTHSC uses the Red Alert system to notify employees and students of emergencies and inclement weather closings. The Red Alert system can contact you via email, by telephone at work and/or on your cell and at home, as well as by text message on your cell phone (if you have granted permission). Make sure your settings are current by visiting the myHSC home page: log in and click on the Red Alert box. If you want to receive emergency messages via text, but sure to check the appropriate box giving your permission.
  • Check the UNTHSC website. Closing information will be posted there soon after the decision is made, including date(s) and time(s) of closure. The notice will remain on the site until the campus reopens.
  • Tune into local TV and radio broadcasts. All four major local television channels – FOX 4, NBC 5, ABC 8 and CBS 11 – are notified when the Health Science Center closes for inclement weather. Information will be included with school and government office closures.
  • Check our Facebook or Twitter pages. Any closing updates will be posted there as well.