Understanding the Power Human Behavior Wields in Our Lives – FREE Webinar Wednesday December 9 at 10am (Sponsored by the NNLM SCR)


The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region housed at the Gibson D. Lewis Library would like to invite you to join us for the next session of our monthly webinar series.

This monthly 1 hour series will focus on topics of interest to clinicians, researchers, faculty, and information professionals.

Joe Parks, M.D., Randi Proffitt Leyva, PhD, and Ken Hopper, MD, MBA will present Understanding the Power Human Behavior Wields in Our Lives at 10am on Wednesday December 9th. Details on joining the meeting are available at the event link above. No registration is required, and the session is free to any interested parties.

Description: This webinar will help demystify the concept of behavioral and mental health by describing the continuum of human thoughts and emotions from wellness to illness to chronic impairment.

Speakers will share insights and updated approaches for managing common conditions such as depression and anxiety. Additionally, new ways of approaching mental health outside specialty care as well as methods to address the persistently mentally ill will be inventoried. Special focus will be given to the role society can play in recognizing the impact of childhood trauma and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Takeaways:
1. Describe a framework for characterizing human behavior in a continuum from well to ill
2. Describe two methods to impact the listener’s own behavior
3. List two conditions that if depression coexists, outcomes are worse if depression is unaddressed
4. Describe the traditional structure of medical and behavioral funding in health benefits
5. List one outcomes-demonstrated solution for integrating mental health into medical settings