Academic Seminars

TCOM Faculty Development Center Presents Academic Medicine Fellowship Projects
June 4, 2015

MET 110-111
Support the TCOM Faculty Development Center’s Fellows by attending their Oral Presentations. Topics and presenters below.

Curtis Galke, DO – Family Medicine Residencies: Attracting candidates to your program

Daniela Gamboa, MD – The Introduction of Nurse-led Health Coaching to a Community Health Center and its Impact on Diabetes Care among Patients with Uncontrolled Diabetes

Suguna Neelakantan, MD Evaluation of Hemoglobin A1c Levels in a Diabetic Group Program

Wang Li, MD An Evaluation of the Diabetes Mellitus (type2) Management in a Family Medicine Residency Clinic after Implementation of the AAFP METRIC Diabetes Module through GO! Diabetes

Asim Alshanberi, MD – Um AlQura Medical School Family Medicine Clerkship

Deepu George, PhD – Patterns of physician burnout and resilience: a pilot study framework

Al Mathe, DO – Development of a prognostic tool in patients being extubated and shifting to comfort care

Ryan Seals, DO – Practice quizzes during Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine year 2 course: student perception and impact on exam scores