REAP Bridge Funding competitions available in InfoReady

Application Deadlines:  4/15/2023, 5/15/2023, 6/15/2023

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The HSC Bridge Funding Program (BFP) provides up to 12 months of support for full-time faculty members to maintain their research activities during a lapse in funding and resubmit more competitive grant applications. Applications are evaluated by a review committee that will be formed for each application. Applicants must demonstrate that their research program is jeopardized by the lack of extramural funding, that they have one or more rounds of unfunded extramural applications, and that they will contribute a significant portion of their available discretionary or start-up funds to maintain their lab. Funds may be used to support the investigator’s existing projects (e.g., lab costs, staff, equipment) or conducting new studies (e.g., gathering pilot data), however preference will be given to activities that enhance the likelihood of future funding by addressing specific comments from the critiques of a previous external review. Intellectual property arising from funded project activities will be governed by existing HSC policies.

For additional information please visit HSC Bridge Funding Program (