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New procurement regulation unifies UNT World

UNT World Faculty and Staff:

The UNT System Office of Finance introduces a new Procurement regulation that unifies System Administration and its three member institutions under a simplified set of standards that reflect one UNT World.

System Regulation 08.17000 is the result of a thorough and collaborative effort among members of the Finance team and representatives from each campus in the areas of finance, research and compliance. The regulation establishes universal procurement requirements and compliance guidelines for all institutions to follow.

The Procurement Office serves as the central point for procurements on behalf of UNT World. It assists UNT World departments with the procurement of goods and services to sustain, foster and support educational, health care and research missions by entering into contractual agreements with suppliers and contractors.

This system-wide regulation allows each institution to assess and update policies to comply with the requirements of the new regulation, allowing for more efficient and effective operation. With this unified regulation, the risk of potential for conflicting policies is greatly reduced.

For questions or more information, please contact Shelley Pavero, Director, Acquisition Center of Excellence, at or 940-369-5514.

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