Memorial service for Terry Stevenson, former Valubility of the Year honoree, is Saturday, July 14

Terry Stevenson, longtime team member of our clinical practice team and among our first Valubility of the Month and Valubility of the Year recipients, passed away on July 1.

Terry’s memorial service will be:
2 p.m. on Saturday, July 14
Joshua Crossroads Seventh Day Adventist Church
400 N. Main
Joshua, TX 76058

Terry was known for her compassion and integrity while serving others first, and her story has been featured on the UNTHSC website and in our Solutions magazine. One patient called her his “guardian angel.” Her focus on patients never wavered, even during her last four years at UNTHSC while being treated for terminal lung cancer.

“Terry was loved and appreciated by so many on our campus,” said Clinical Operations Executive Director Joanne Mize. “Team members presented Terry with a Living Legacy tree during her retirement reception this past spring. The tree will be placed near the Health Pavilion.”