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Manager Minute – LinkedIn Learning recommendations
May 14, 2020

LinkedIn Learning is a free resource for UNT World employees, and offers a wide variety of topics for use by managers and team members. We’ve compiled some of UNT System HR’s recommendations for LinkedIn Learning courses that may be relevant based on current conditions.

Recommended by Shannon Williams, ODE Organizational Development Consultant:
In light of recent transitions to working remotely, stress can easily build as we strive to navigate personal and professional demands. Managing our stress now may be more challenging than ever. The De-stress: Meditation and Movement for Stress Management session offers quick, practical techniques to help relieve a little stress during the day.

Recommended by Denise H. Winchester, Health Science Center Campus, HR Intern:
I recommend Six Morning Habits of High Performers. This 23-minute course suggests that we commit to one or more of the Six Habits each day to increase daily performance that will be beneficial in professional or personal life. The acronym used to describe the habits is SAVERS, and they are silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing. By incorporating one or more daily, they are sure to place individuals on the path to success.

Recommended by Jasmine Williams-Thompson, HR Benefits Specialist:
I recommend “Managing Your Career as an Introvert.” If you are more reserved but would like to use introversion to your advantage, this session will definitely help you do that. One thing that stood out to me from this session was really pinpointing my strengths and skills as an introvert.

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