Limited submission: Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust

Internal Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Application link:


The Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust was established in 2017 by Dorace and Morton Fichtenbaum, who lived in Dallas, to provide financial support for charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes to qualified Texas charitable organizations. Dorace and Morton were both very supportive of the local community throughout their lives.

Areas of interest include:

  • Medical Research (specifically cancer, heart, vision and Myasthenia Gravis)
  • Education and research for children with mental or physical disabilities
  • Children’s education and exposure to fine arts


Successful proposals are unique, necessary and of high priority for the charitable organizations, and do not duplicate other services which are available. Successful proposals seek funding that may not be readily available from other sources for essential projects that are sufficiently described as worthwhile, important and of a substantive nature.  Grants may include capital and program support, research, scholarships and grants to meet challenges or matching funds.