Important info re: Staff Evaluations in PeopleAdmin

Update from HSC HR

HSC Staff and Staff Supervisors –

We have been working to determine the options for addressing an unexpected glitch in the PeopleAdmin system related to overall ratings for staff evaluations. The overall rating on the supervisor portion of the evaluation is not calculating correctly. We previously communicated directly to supervisors asking for a pause in the remaining steps for staff evaluations. We have identified an interim solution.

Supervisors — Please ensure that all of the individual and team objective section ratings selected are accurate in each of the tabs:

  • Individual Objectives & Key Results Assessment
  • Team Objectives & Key Results Assessment
  • Global Objectives Assessment

Once you have selected “Complete” on the Global Objectives Assessment tab, disregard the overall rating that is generated; again, it is calculating incorrectly. When supervisors meet with staff team members to conduct the End of Year Review Meeting, the feedback should be focused on each individual rating rather than the overall rating that is incorrectly generated.

Second-level supervisors should review the overall content and each individual rating, disregarding the overall rating that is incorrectly generated.

Due dates will be updated in PeopleAdmin to allow adequate time for this additional review. We are implementing a fix at a future date that will allow the correct overall rating to be logged and approved by both the supervisor and staff team member. For now, it is imperative that each individual rating is appropriate and correct. More details related to how the overall rating will be calculated will be shared at a future date.

If any individual or team section scores on already completed employee evaluations require adjustment, please have the supervisor contact to reopen the staff team member’s review. In your email, include the name of the employee and which item scores need to be adjusted. Please provide information on what is listed in the system and the adjustment, as the supervisor, you would like to make.

Please contact with any additional questions you may have. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Your HSC HR Team