HSC students create evidence-based fact sheets about monkeypox

As a former faculty member at UT Health San Antonio, Dr. Waridibo Allison’s Department of Medicine produced evidence-based information sheets based on the then-new COVID-19 virus. The information helped health professionals stay current and separate myth from reality, and the document was researched and written by medical students and reviewed by faculty.

Allison now is using a similar model at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, where she serves as vice president of health policy and director for the Center for Health Policy.

The Monkeypox Rapid Resources and Evidence-Based Advisory Program is a series of evidence-based quick-reference fact sheets for health professionals, who continue to compete with social media and cable news misinformation about the virus. Students across the breadth of health professions and disciplines led the effort under the guidance of faculty members. The four sheets are separated into sections covering the epidemiology and general information, clinical presentation, the diagnostics and treatment of the virus.

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