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HSC: protecting data against cyber threats through MFA deployment

HSC is continually working to protect its assets and information. That mission has grown critical as U.S. education and health institutions have become more vulnerable to phishing and hacking attacks.

HSC’s Information Technology Services is working to secure campus data from phishing and hacking attempts. ITS is increasing data protection through a new plan: Multifactor Authentication for Microsoft 365 Using Duo.

The MFA deployment process isn’t expected to be burdensome. HSC team members will be asked to set up, or authenticate, via the multifactor authentication system using DUO. Most HSC users are already enrolled in DUO because it was part of the process for signing up for direct deposit of their paychecks.

After authentication, users can expect to access their email and Microsoft 365 easily.

Typically, additional actions are only required when changing passwords, accessing from an unknown network or when accessing from a new browser or computer.

Users will be shifted into the new system in three waves. As your wave approaches, you will get additional information and instructions from ITS. The MFA deployment is expected to be completed in 90 days.

Additional information about the MFA deployment is available online.