DOD Spinal Cord Injury Research Program

Funding Opportunity Number: HT942524SCIRPIIRA

May 20, 2024
August 30, 2024


The SCIRP IIRA is intended to support studies that have the potential to make an important contribution to SCI research, patient care, and/or quality of life.

Important aspects of this award mechanism include:

  • Impact: Applications should articulate the short- and long-term impact of the proposed research on both the SCI research field as well as the SCI community. Projects must address one or more of the FY24 SCIRP Focus Areas.
  • Relevance to Military Health: Projects should be relevant to spinal cord-injured military Service Members, Veterans, and/or their Family members and care partners. Collaboration with military and VA researchers and clinicians is encouraged.
  • Preliminary Data: Observations that drive a research idea may be derived from laboratory discovery, population-based studies, a clinician’s first-hand knowledge of patients, or anecdotal data. Applications must include preliminary and/or published data that are relevant to the mission of the SCIRP and support the proposed research project.

IIRA applications may focus on any phase of research from basic through translational, though studies focused exclusively on target identification are discouraged. Permitted research includes preclinical studies in animal models (except where otherwise specified), research with human subjects or human anatomical substances, as well as ancillary studies associated with an existing clinical trial.

For more information, please see the opportunity webpage.