American Lung Association: COVID-19 and Emerging Respiratory Viruses research award

Are you currently working on COVID-19 and/or Emerging Respiratory Viruses in your lab? You may be interested in this funding opportunity from the American Lung Association.


Please review the opportunity details here  and if you are interested, plan to have your Letter of Inquiry submitted to the Research Enhancement Assistance Program ( no later than September 6, 2022.


If you are invited to full proposal submission, that proposal will be due by December 15, 2022.


Research Award Details


The American Lung Association COVID-19 and Emerging Respiratory Viruses Research Award is for $100,000 per year for two years. The award is intended to support independent investigators with a stellar track record of accomplishment, who have the potential to advance our knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 and other novel respiratory viruses with epidemic potential.


Successful applicants will be independent investigators with strong evidence of ongoing excellence and productivity in a related field.


Grants are subject to annual review and may be granted for up to two years. The second year of support is contingent on demonstration of satisfactory progress, as well as the availability of funding from the Lung Association.


No more than 25% of the requested budget may be used for an awardee’s salary and/or fringe benefits and no more than 30% of the total award budget may be used to fund the purchase of permanent equipment. Grant funds may be used for the salary and fringe benefit costs of personnel other than the Applicant.