AHA/CHF Congenital Heart Defect Research Awards: Predoctoral and Postdoctoral fellowships

The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) has joined with the American Heart Association (AHA) to establish the AHA/CHF Congenital Heart Defect Research Awards. The purpose of the CHDRAs is to provide support for investigators who are actively conducting research directly related to advancing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of CHDs. The joint RFA and funding opportunity will further this goal by offering competitive research grants in basic, clinical, population, or translational research related to CHDs. Predoctoral Fellowships and Postdoctoral Fellowships will be funded through the RFA.


RFA link: AHA/CHF Congenital Heart Defect Research Awards – Professional Heart Daily | American Heart Association


Early submission is encouraged.


Application Deadline: September 21, 2022, 3 pm C.S.T.


Mission aligned: CHF’s mission is to fund the most promising research to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of congenital heart defects. Research topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

a. Wide-reaching impact to a significant number of CHD patients (not research that targets low-incidence CHDs with little or no crossover to other CHDs)

b. Lifesaving or life-changing outcomes with potential to improve mortality and

c. Breakthrough advancements of new or significant improvements for CHD
diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

d. Early funding for promising research to allow for future funding from larger
granting agencies (for example, NIH, AHA)

e. Potential preliminary data necessary to advance clinical trials and device

f. High potential for impact, including publications, national presentations, and
advancement of the field

Focus on clinical cardiology, basic science, population science, and advancement of surgical/interventional techniques, including, but not limited to the following areas:

a. Genetics

b. Biochemistry

c. Pharmacology

d. Neurodevelopment and functional outcomes

e. Communication with and education and support of CHD families

f. Quality and policy regarding delivery of care, coverage, and access

g. Maternal environment and modifiable disease impact on fetuses with CHD

h. Fetal diagnosis and intervention

i. Devices and procedural research (cardiac catheterization and surgery) for the large population of infants and children undergoing complex operations, including but not limited to:
• functional single ventricle
• associated morbidity and mortality
• improved interventional planning/execution

j. Long-term care of adults with congenital heart defect

Please refer to the RFA for more information.

For additional Foundation opportunities, please visit: Grant Funding Opportunities – Fellowships – Research and Innovation (unthsc.edu)