Sexual assault reporting procedures

Sexual Assault Reporting Procedures

How to report

UNTHSC is committed to promoting a welcoming campus environment where sexual assault and harassment are strictly prohibited and unacceptable. If you, or someone you know, have been sexually assaulted, know that there are several avenues of support. Listed below are steps to help with immediate and continuing needs.

Immediate Considerations

  • Take steps to ensure your safety
  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Preserve all physical evidence

Further Considerations

  • Medical treatment and counseling are strongly recommended in all cases.
  • The Police Department is notified of all sexual assault cases reported to HSC Police, but identifying information can be kept private.
  • You may elect to continue with the internal complaint process or stop at any time. Remember that the University has a duty to protect the community at large and may need to proceed.
  • You may choose not to participate in the formal process and decide to utilize Student Health Services. These communications are strictly confidential.

Campus Resources

  • Student Health Services- 817-735-5051
  • UNTHSC Police- 817-735-2600
  • Title IX Coordinator: Dr. Trisha Van Duser- 817-735-2508, SSC 221,
  • Director, Student Services: Dr. Nicki McGee- 817-735-2069 (Student Conduct Officer)

Off Campus Resources

  • Baylor Hospital (Fort Worth): 817-926-2544
  • Harris Methodist Hospital (Fort Worth): 817-250-2000
  • John Peter Smith Hospital (Fort Worth): 817-702-2839
  • Fort Worth Police Department (non-emergency): 817-335-4222
  • Methodist Hospital (Dallas): 214-947-8181
  • Parkland Hospital (Dallas): 214-590-8000
  • Dallas Police Department (non-emergency): 214-744-4444
  • Denton Police Department (non-emergency): 940-349-8181

For information regarding reporting a sexual assault, click here.

If you need information provided in other accessible formats or accommodations to access any of our services, please contact the Division of Student Affairs at 817-735-2505 and they will be provided upon request.

This page was last modified on March 7, 2018