Benefits of Personal Training

1. Getting Started

A personal trainer can guide you down the path to fitness by creating an exercise routine specific to your goals.

2. Accountability

It’s easy to blow off a workout when nobody is expecting you to show. It’s a lot tougher to do so when you have a trainer expecting you.

3. Learning proper technique and form

If you’re not doing exercises the right way, it can lead to injury that can sideline you. By doing them right, you’re staying safe and also getting the maximum benefit from your workout.

4. Motivation

Motivation is one of the largest struggles encountered when trying to improve your fitness on your own and it is the primary advantage of personal training. A personal trainer will provide a powerful motivational force in your routine, giving you incentive and responsibility when it comes time to exercise.

5. Achieving your goals

If you’ve always wanted to lose that last 20 pounds, tone up your body, or just be a healthier person, but you haven’t quite been able to get there on your own, a personal trainer can help keep you on track.

6. Staying in the know

Do you know exactly how each workout helps you? Or what areas you need to work on the most? Even if you don’t want personal training long-term, just spending a few months with a personal trainer can vastly improve your knowledge of exercise, giving you a very long-term gain for a short-term investment.

Package Pricing

Half Hour Sessions

Sessions Students Non-Students
5 $75 $100
8 $96 $144
12 $120 $192

Full Hour Sessions

Sessions Students Non-Students
5 $120 $175
8 $160 $240
12 $216 $300
  • Pricing is on a per person basis and clients may be assigned a training partner or placed in a group of up to 5 participants. Sessions expire 120 days after purchase. Packages must be paid for via cash or credit card at the front desk of the fitness center.
  • No-showing or canceling with less than 24 hour notice will result in loss of a session.
  • Trainers have limited availability and may not be able to accommodate every desired training schedule. Before purchasing sessions, please email to make sure there is a trainer with compatible availability.

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This page was last modified on October 1, 2017