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Values Advisory Council


The purpose of the Values Advisory Council is to ensure UNTHSC creates and maintains a sustainable values-based culture by providing non-binding but informed guidance. The Council serves as an ally to senior leadership in the quest of superior organizational governance.

Advisory Council Team Members

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Leadership Development


The Leadership Development team works on behalf of students and team members, representing all levels and geographies, to support the organizational leadership development programs based upon Our Values and supporting behaviors.


  • HSC Fellows

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Best Place for All 


The Best Place for All values team will work collaboratively with team members throughout the organization to create  satisfaction and engagement initiatives with the ultimate goal of becoming a nationally recognized best place to work

Coaching Champions


The purpose of the coaching champions is to help build the foundation of our values-based coaching culture by serving as the voice of the UNT Health Science Center for coaching and assist in developing a consistent message around coaching for all HSC team members.



Valubility is a program created by our teammates to help recognize and celebrate how we are living our values in extraordinary ways.

Valubility Team Members

Values-based Hiring


To create processes that allow us to hire people who are aligned with Our Values and whose competencies add value to the UNTHSC.
These teams are committed to continuing to work to meet the needs of UNTHSC team members.  We appreciate your feedback in our 2016 Values Initiatives Survey.  You can access the summary of survey results.
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