Valubility of the Year – 2016

December 14, 2016 • valubility, VOTY

Valubility 2016 honorees

Congratulations to all Valubility of the Year nominees and honorees

This year five members of the HSC team, who live our values by example, have been selected by their peers and senior leaders as the Valubility honorees for 2016.

Each of the individuals selected embodies the institution’s values: Serve others first, Integrity, Respect, Collaboration and Be visionary.

Let’s give a giant high five to Brandie Wiley, Emily Mire, Patricia Gwirtz, Chrystyna Senkel and Emily Spence-Almaguer, our 2016 Valubility of the Year honorees.

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Brandy Wiley

Brandie Wiley

Enrollment Services Associate, Student Affairs

Whether she is on campus helping students or in the community educating others about autism, Brandie Wiley lives our values in big ways.

Every day she models what true leadership, service, collaboration and respect look like.

Compassionate and caring, she brings calm to a challenging job that often finds her facing numerous requests. Many people rely on her to provide support in preparing, proctoring and assessing exams. It’s a demanding job, but Brandie is not one to be easily rattled.

As much as her hard work is appreciated it’s what happens when she leaves UNTHSC that has touched the hearts of so many.

A devoted mother who has adopted three children with autism, Brandie believes all children are worthy of love and respect regardless of their behaviors or their diagnoses. It’s a message she believes so strongly in that she visits schools and participates in community events to raise awareness. She even wrote a book on autism that she shares free of charge to raise awareness.

Nominated by Stephanie Cuellar and Witold Migala

Emily Mire

Emily Mire

Director of Student Services, Wellness, Student Affairs

Simply put, Emily Mire is the kind of person who sees a need and finds a way to meet it.

No challenge is too big or small to be ignored. For UNTHSC students, that passion for serving others has translated into everything from providing a listening ear to a helping fill a pantry with food for students who need it.

Countless times Emily has sat with a student facing difficult times in an emergency room. She has made welfare checks to students’ homes just to make sure they are safe. Those visits have no doubt saved the lives of students who were caught in a downward spiral.

The most recent example of how Emily lives the values came with creation of the Student Food Pantry. She identified a need and felt compelled to make a difference. She developed a student food pantry model that allows individuals to access food in a way that preserves their personal dignity, an approach that shows deep respect for others at a time when they are especially vulnerable.

Nominated by Thomas Moorman

Patricia Gwirtz

Patricia Gwirtz

Associate Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Patricia Gwirtz wears many hats, each one of them in extraordinary ways. As a teacher, advisor, and mentor for her medical science students, Patricia’s dedication to serving others is evident in the way she approaches her work.

She always considers what is in each student’s best interest. Even when that means students must be dismissed from their academic program, she tries to ease the disappointment by providing resources to help them move forward in their life. She does it not because she has to, but because she cares so much about each individual.

Her influence on the Care Team and her recognition of how valuable these resources are to other has been instrumental in the success of this important service.

Many students have felt so comfortable with her, that they have shared their personal stories, knowing that regardless of what they tell her, she will be there to support them. This is a true measure of respect and illustrates just one of the many ways she lives our values.

Nominated by Thomas Moorman

Chrystyna Senkel

Chrystyna Senkel

Instructor, Physician Assistant Studies, School of Health Professions

Chrystyna Senkel has been described as an outstanding leader, role model, and human being who always puts others before herself.

Her deep-rooted interest in every students’ academic success is evident in the innovative ways she engages them in the learning process and the care she takes to ensure every student is successful.

She takes her responsibilities as an educator seriously and goes to great lengths to makes sure her students are prepared for exams and the real world. Every student she teaches is treated with great respect and consideration of their individual needs. And she is always open to any ideas to make her classes more efficient and effective.

Students see Chrystyna as someone who cares deeply about them and provides encouragement at every turn. She stays after class, meets them outside of school and even sacrifices her personal time to be there when needed.

Nominated by Kanwal Hamid, Patricia Stafford, Laura Timciuc, Valerie Swartzentruber, Roma Vaswani, Andrew Lee, Alex Leggett, Jerome Siegel, Shawna Spencer, Jayton Welch,  Jessica Moore, Marilyn Clark, Ashley Ly, Charis Fernandez, Irina Allen

Emily Spence-Almaguer

Emily Spence-Almaguer

Associate Professor, Behavioral & Community Health, School of Public Health

Her passion for the serving others, especially those who are among the most vulnerable, is evident in the way Emily Spence-Almaguer lives her life.

For years she has not only listened to those in need but served as strong advocate, giving a voice on behalf of those who may not have one. Through various projects she has helped homeless individuals and others in need throughout the community.

She lives the UNTHSC values every day on campus and off, working with colleagues, community members and partner organizations to make the world a better place.

As a program evaluator, Emily has to make difficult decisions affecting funding for various organizations. Numerous groups throughout the community depend on her for evaluative
reports of their programs. It’s a duty that requires honesty, trustworthiness and dependability –
all qualities that Emily exemplifies.

Her innovative thinking has led to numerous projects, most recently a $2.2 million award to
serve those who are victims of intimate partner violence.

Nominated by Danielle Rohr