Valubility of the Month: September 2021

November 18, 2021 • VOTM

Elizabeth Baker, Sharon Manson, Cindy Passmore & Nicole Williams-Hall – Educational Programs – TCOMElizabeth BakerSharon MansonCindy PassmoreHeads Up Day, Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Photo By Joyce Marshall

In spite of unprecedented and abrupt COVID-precipitated need to shift the Graduate Certificate in Academic Medicine (GCAM) program to the online format last year, the team successfully completed delivery of the program by quickly learning and implementing new, high-quality instructional strategies consistent with our strategic plan and OKRs, as well as UNTHSC Values and Vision. The FDC team exemplified the value of “Serve Others First” through working together to make values-based decisions in adapting and delivering GCAM to
honor the promise of an outstanding learning experience for enrolled learners. At every step, they carefully considered the impact their decisions would have on others and demonstrated compassion, care, and humility – for team members and learners alike. Lastly, they continue to promote individual potential in spite of great challenges. GCAM is an important step for many in the development of a career in academic medicine and promotes the individual potential of participants. Evidence of the value of the program includes continued demand/enrollment in uncertain times and long-standing external funding by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board which was recently continued for the upcoming year in spite of budget cuts at the agency. FDC and GCAM demonstrate resilience and continue into the future stronger than ever

Nominated by Dr. Lisa Nash for Serve Others First

Aaron Sheffield – Product Development & EngineeringAaron Sheffield

Aaron exemplifies integrity by stepping up to the ongoing challenges experienced while HSC transitions to a new Teams-based phone system, even while being faced with multiple requests from all across the campus. He continually offers helpful solutions and on-demand assistance to troubleshoot the issues as they arise. He has been dependable, communicative, and responsive to numerous requests for assistance, both virtually and in-person. He has addressed concerns with personal, programmatic, and departmental phone lines in order to reduce disruption in service to our students, volunteers, and patients. In addition to several instances of virtual troubleshooting, Aaron has come in-person to our department a number of times. In one instance, he was able to recognize a hardware issue that had not yet been experienced/reported on this campus. He replaced the device the same day. He took the time to set up the phone and thoroughly tested it to ensure it was functioning properly before leaving and demonstrated a great amount of knowledge related his role. Not only has Aaron exemplified the value of Integrity, we feel that his actions also represent the value of Serving Others First. Throughout all of this, Aaron has maintained a positive attitude and friendly demeanor, being happy to assist with a smile.

Nominated by Traci Butler Carroll for Integrity

Jamie Barnhart – HSC NextJamie Barnhart

Jamie has been at HSC for a year and started working during the pandemic virtually. Before I even met her in person, she would zoom or teams me about how she can help with some of the projects I work on. She even dived into Global Entrepreneurship Week Fort Worth blindly, trying to see where her skills could best fit the team to make us more productive. I have never met anybody who cares so much about her work and how she can help her coworkers every day. She is essential to the HSC Next team because she is always the first one to learn how to figure out a new system, adds value to projects through analysis, and will jump into projects when another coworker needs help. She always asks “how can I help?” and she is always considerate of how to maximize other’s time in meetings, projects, or automations. I genuinely don’t know what she can’t do. She is the “go-to” girl whether it is about intellectual property or how to build a website. We have recently been reading books on personal and professional development, and she always shares tips or perspectives that would help someone else on the team. Her love for other people is contagious as she wants to see other grow. She always has a smile, even when she goes through a hard time. I constantly ask myself “how could I be more like Jamie?”.

Nominated by Kendel Rogers for Serve Others First

Kristina Clark – Student & Academic AffairsValuability Portraits For February

Kristina is a consistent example of someone who lives Our Values on a daily basis. As the Co-chair of the Recognition & Appreciation Committee, she leads by example and inspires one another to be more than the sum of our individual parts. She seeks input from others and helps drive our thinking and output to deliver some important work regarding HSC’s Valubility programs. Kristina specifically helped me work through some website design issues to update OCE’s website with new Valubility information. She not only took the time to help me fix the “behind-the-scenes” work, but she talked through the best ways to showcase information. Kristina has a wealth of talents and experience and readily shares that to help me discover new ideas. And she works in a way that makes you want to tackle the tough things – she brings you along the discovery route and you leave realizing you’ve learned a lot of new stuff, but in a way that you didn’t think was a “training” session. Kristina’s partnership definitely helps us achieve our shared goals.

Nominated by Stacy Boe for Collaboration

Rosa Amaya – PediatricsRosa Amaya

Rosa is the LVN supervisor in the Pediatric Clinic. The other LVN has been on Maternity leave since mid July. Rosa comes in daily with a big smile on her face and is working long hours and juggling a lot of different tasks. She stays positive and is always willing to help out where needed. She was not able to take her vacation this summer which would have left us without a nurse. She does all of the traige calls and has kept the clinic safe during the pandemic. She has worked long hours and continues to do so. She assists with helping the MA’s when needed, she assists in the weekly Covid clinics, She is a real asset to the clinic and is overall one of the best and caring people here at the University. She has a heart of gold and cares for our patients, the staff and faculty and the clinic overall. She is a team player and needs to be recognized for her hard work for the past few months and even more so since the pandemic hit. Our way of seeing patients has changed during the pandemic and Rosa has implemented new protocols and has kept us safe. We are so fortunately to have her in the Pediatric clinic and I hope everyone realizes how much her workload is right now with no relief in it until at least October 1st. She is a real gem and asset and has the true heart of a nurse with her caring demeanor and her positive attitude and smile. Patricia is such an asset to our department! She always seems to have a positive attitude, and treats everyone with respect and care. She is highly motivated to do her job well, and serve all those that she works with. She is cheerful and friendly and truly makes it a better place to work. I’m so glad she’s a part of our team.

Nominated by Linda Rider for Serve Others First

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