Valubility of the Month: May 2018

June 14, 2018 • valubility, VOTM

The May recipients of Valubility of the Month live out UNTHSC’s five core values on a day-to-day basis.

These recipients of the Valubility of the Month honor were selected from among dozens of nominees that a UNTHSC committee reviewed.

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Ann Adams

Ann Adams

Student, Epidemiology

Ann Adams goes out of her way to help others understand a tough topic – biostatistics.

During a difficult group project, she was the only person in her biostatistics group who understood the content. Instead of becoming frustrated with her team members, she guided them through each problem, explaining everything two to three times, in every possible way, until everyone understood.

She also volunteers to help other groups when they need assistance. Many first and second year students seek her out for guidance.

Her calm demeanor and genuine interest in teaching biostatistics principles has made students feel very comfortable with her. Her efforts have no doubt helped others earn a good grade.

Nominators: Rose Marie Kimball, Aiyanna Kennerly

Toni Allen

Toni Allen

Administrative Coordinator, Family Medicine

During the Cowtown Marathon in February, Toni Allen took it upon herself to help make the annual event run smoothly.

She went beyond organizing the Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) booth at the marathon. She constantly double-checked everything – including preceptors, tables, consent forms, clipboards, and anything else that was needed. Although none of this was required of her, she did it solely to help others.

On a daily basis, she is dedicated to helping students and is constantly thinking of ways to improve their experience at the health fairs, soft tissue clinics, and other OMM events. Whether it is chasing down preceptors, getting repairs made or arranging transport, she is always available and willing to pitch in.

Nominators: Carly Hubbard, Kristina Fraser, Sajid Surve, Kendi Hensel, Yein Lee

Nancy T

Nancy Tierney

Associate Professor, Medical Education

Dr. Nancy Tierney is the rock star of the Sim lab. Warm and energetic, she makes everyone who enters feel comfortable. She also makes sure the Sim Lab is always fully stocked for extra-curricular activities.

Most recently, she worked with the Student Initiative in Medical Simulation (or SIMS) to help the group secure resources to effectively teach preclinical students how to work together in teams and navigate differential diagnoses.

She is always looking for new ways to engage pre-clinical students in a “hands-on” approach.  Students have come to appreciate this type of learning and the effort that she puts into making the Sim Lab experience such a success.

Nominator: Kaitlin Phillips

Team Lose It

Team Lose It Instructors – Mandy Spadine, Meghan Boone and Rachael Mobley

Wellness Services

There is an art to gently but firmly coaching people on the difficult road to fitness. Mandy Spadine, Meghan Boone and Rachael Mobley have proven they are masters at it.

The trio took time out of their busy lives as students to help Team Lose It participants achieve their fitness goals. They did more than prod participants to do more push-ups. They encouraged them with care and genuine concern even when it meant giving up their own time.

They also shared workouts and encouragements in a Facebook group they created. They came in for 6AM workouts and stayed late for 5 PM sessions, even if only one person showed up. This group also looked for new and meaningful ways to help participants be successful.

Nominators: Chris Klein and Sarah Miles


Post Grad Prep Team

UNTSCP Post-Graduate Prep Team

Dr. Marian Gaviola, Dr. Caitlin Gibson, Dr. Meredith Howard, Dr. Annesha White, Dr. Shanada Monestime, Dr. Shara Elrod, Dr. Katura Bullock, Dr. Hae Jin Cho and Dr. Adenike Atanda

For this team it was not enough to just introduce pharmacy students to the benefits of post-doctoral training. The UNT System College of Pharmacy Post-Graduate Prep Team followed up with mentoring, training , mock interviewing and resume editing.

Drs. Marian Gaviola, Caitlin Gibson, Meredith Howard, Annesha White, Shanada Monestime, Shara Elrod, Katura Bullock, Hae Jin Cho and Adenike Atanda spent hundreds of hours preparing students for the highly competitive match programs.

Together, these faculty members addressed every angle to make students as competitive as possible. They worked to help the college rise to the level of a high performing pharmacy school. And their hard work paid off.

Nominator: Patrick Clay