Valubility of the Month: March 2019

April 22, 2019 • valubility, VOTM

The March recipients of Valubility of the Month live out UNTHSC’s five core values on a day-to-day basis.

These recipients of the Valubility of the Month honor were selected from among dozens of nominees that a UNTHSC committee reviewed.

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Campushr Web

Campus Human Resources — Meagan Voorhies (transitioning into a new role with the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine), Elizabeth Schwarz and Kimony Carter

This team’s nominator says that during her employment at UNT System Human Resources, she was continually impressed with the team’s values-centered behind-the-scenes work: “When it comes to values, this team checks all the boxes and then some.”

UNT System HR recently experienced significant changes in leadership and processes, as well as substantial loss of talent, the nominator says. HR Consultant II Meagan Voorhies was instrumental in helping the team continue to succeed “by being our rock, our champion and our constant reminder that change can be positive,” says the nominator. Voorhies boosted morale and reduced stress for team members by showing confidence in their judgment, valuing their differences and empowering them to be the best version of themselves.

The nominator also says, “I cannot count how many times I have thought to myself, ‘What would HR Coordinator III Elizabeth Schwarz do in this situation?’ ” Leading by example, Schwarz has taken on the additional role of co-leading the Best Place for All Committee. Says her nominator, “She understands that at the end of the day, nothing is more effective for employee engagement than . . .  ensuring our employees believe they are fulfilling their purpose at the HSC.”

HR Coordinator II Kimony Carter is “the face of our department and treats all our walk-in customers and her departments with respect, patience and a servant’s heart,” her nominator says. Although Carter is the newest team member, she steps up to handle challenging situations. “She is not only asking the right questions, but continues to collaborate with the team to confirm she’s making the right decisions,” her nominator says.

Nominator: Liz Paoli

Baillio Web

Michael Baillio – TCOM Student

Michael Baillio has proved himself exceptionally dedicated to the success of UNTHSC’s outreach to the community and our alumni. “Any time we need a student presence at an event or an extra set of hands, Mike is always willing to step up to the plate,” says nominator Jennifer Nanni, Director of Community and Alumni Relations. “He is out on rotations now and has a jam-packed schedule, but has still managed to find time to give back to the campus and our office.”

During last year’s Cowtown Marathon Expo, Baillio was instrumental in making the Texas Two-StepCPR training a success. “He stepped up to the plate to volunteer, gathered classmates, and arrived at the event ready to tackle the weekend,” his nominator says. Even though he had to take a test during that time, he worked before and after. Since then, he has volunteered to help Community and Alumni Relations with various crucial events including the annual fundraising Legends concert. He also has spoken at a Foundation Board meeting and assisted in planning for national conferences.

Exemplifying his visionary and collaborative drive was his proactive work with Community and Alumni Relations to plan a welcome reception for the national Student Initiative in Medical Simulation. Also, says his nominator, “Throughout the event, he introduced me to fellow classmates so I knew whom to call during his rotations. He continued to express his gratefulness to me and others, and said we have been there for him, so the students need to be there for us.”

Nominator: Jennifer Nanni

Pharmacy Web

Julie Herrmann and Jill Jernigan – System College of Pharmacy

Joining the System College of Pharmacy only this year, Academic Student Navigators Julie Herrmann and Jill Jernigan rapidly became invaluable team members. Both are critical members of SCP’s Student Experience and Academic Services (SEAS) team.

Exemplifying how Herrmann and Jernigan serve others first: At the semester’s start, the online tool Mediasite (which students use in studying) went down during the weekend before an exam. Says the nominator, “As the course director, I was alerted to this by students on a Saturday morning. I emailed the SEAS team to see if they were aware and able to help on the weekend. Within an hour, Julie had spoken with appropriate team members to solve the issue.”

Hermann collaborated with others to create a solution, and kept the course director updated all day. “Although it took several hours for Mediasite to be restored,” her nominator says, “she worked with the Center for Innovative Learning to get previous-year course recordings uploaded to Canvas so that the students had additional resources.”

Jernigan and Hermann’s nominator says she is impressed with their collaborative skills in supporting student success, and notes that faculty members often don’t see the behind-the-scenes effort made by staff members. Says their nominator, “Julie and Jill, and the rest of the SEAS team, work tirelessly to support this college and student success — and we are so fortunate to have them!”

Nominator: Meredith Howard

Internalmedandger Web

Geriatric and Planning Program Nursing Team: Janice Misner, Willa Bellard, Yvette Roberson and Melissa Boggio—Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Serving others first is “business as usual” for the Geriatric and Planning Program (GAPP) nursing team: Janice Misner,LVN; Willa Bellard, LVN; Yvette Roberson, LVN; and Melissa Boggio, RN.

Their nominator said, “Our geriatric patients often require a lot of attention, education and reassurance.” The team excels in triaging patient phone calls and assisting with medical needs in a way that reflects all our values.

In addition, the nursing team “helped implement a system of team huddles, briefs and debriefs that have become routine because of their persistence and dedication to improvement in our clinic,” their nominator said.

Team members step up when the department is short staffed on medical assistances or customer service representatives, taking over those duties themselves. Melissa helps discharge patients and assist with lab orders and medication education. Janice often addresses patient concerns about billing or appointments. Willa helps care for several challenging patients and will spend as much time as needed on the telephone with them. Yvette does everything possible to meet patient needs and is diligent about following up with providers and other staff about any concerns.

They ensure home health paperwork is completed properly, bring up ways to further increase patient safety and are always respectful to their co-workers.

“GAPP nurses are humble and open to changes for the improvement of our clinic, and they take the lead,” their nominator said.

Nominator: Sarah Ross

Studenthealthclinic Web

Student Health Clinic: Catrenia Thomas, Tammy Cook, Monica Summerhill and Scott Winter

Emphasizing the “care” in patient care is just one strength of the Student Health Clinic team: Catrenia Thomas; Tammy Cook, Monica Summerhill, PA; and Scott Winter, MD.

Their nominator said, “These people have been there and supported me through some really tough times while I have been going through the most stressful time of my life—medical school. This group of people goes above and beyond to help students make stressful events less stressful. I have been able to focus more of my energy on my studies, because I know they will take good care of me.”

The team often works with students who are doing rotations and have challenging schedules to make sure they can get an appointment when needed. They try to get to know the students to enhance their care.

“The staff remember me, ask how my life is going, how school is going, how my rotations are going,” the nominator said. “They are not just polite, either—they listen and remember things we have talked about on previous visits.

“I could not imagine better people to trust my health care to.”

Nominator: Anonymous