Valubility of the Month: January 2021

February 9, 2021 • VOTM

Jan 2021 Votm Recognition Zoom Call

Leah Zimmerman – Pediatrics and Women’s HealthJan 2021 Leah Zimmerman

Leah Zimmerman is supporting our faculty and TCOM students by helping them in writing/submitting IRB protocols and assisting the research program offered by our department benefiting over 200 TCOM students. When a student had an issue with his IRB, she acted quickly to help him so his abstract could be accepted for RAD. She worked diligently, contacting IRB personnel, student and supporting faculty, and finally submitted necessary paper work to fulfill the requirement on time.

Leah is one of the prime examples of collaboration in our Department. She continually seeks to improve herself while helping all of us coordinate and collaborate on a multitude of projects that we work on. Since the majority of our researchers have different research topics and fields, Leah has become a bedrock for us to build projects and endeavors together. Her kind personality, her enthusiasm and her hard work make her a joy to work with, and her dedication to the department and to the faculty and staff embody UNTHSC values.

Nominated by Riyaz Basha for Serve Others First and Shane Fernando for Collaboration

Angel Nguyenly – College of PharmacyJan 2021 Angel Nguyenly

Angel was voted in by her peers to be our cohort’s Curriculum Liaison early in the fall semester. This position is meant to provide feedback to administrators about student experiences specific to the curriculum. I nominate Angel as Valubility of the Month because she demonstrated immense compassion and care in order to promote the potential of every individual in our cohort. Even as a first-year student herself, Angel mediated questions from 105 students to 17+ faculty/lecturers across 2 to 5 assignments/quizzes/exams a week. After every exam, she provided a Google Forms for students to ask questions to in order to streamline inquiries to our professors prior to post-exam reviews. She also organized and hosted a town hall between HSSCP administrators, Center of Academic Performance, and our cohort. Without her, our class would not have had the communication we did experience with our faculty. She balanced her personal studies and this officer position with poise that all student leaders should aspire to. Angel is a prime example to the HSC community of how to serve others first.

Nominated by a member of the class of 2024 for Serve Others First

Pat Baker – Center for Diversity and International ProgramsJan 2021 Pat Baker

Each year, we bring in 30-50 under represented students from all across USA. For some of them, this is the first time they have been out of their hometown or state. Pat ensures that the students feel comfortable, talks to their parents and grandparents to give updates on their child/grandchild and keeps up with the student after they leave the campus. The undergraduate students are housed at a hotel nearby campus. Once in a while, a student ends up with a medical problem that will need immediate attention. Pat has gone above and beyond her job duties to attend to such a student needing attention whether it is during day time or in the middle of the night. She is fully deserving of being recognized for living the values of our HSC family.

Nominated by Jamboor Vishwanatha for Serve Others First

Miguel Ramirez – Central Receiving (picture not available)

During the last month we had various people out due to contact tracing and Miguel did everything associated with his job and assisted in completing the tasks of employees that were out of the office. He really stepped up and filled the void and no one on campus was aware we were missing staff because our services remained at a high level. With Miguel’s willingness and positive attitude, all deliveries were completed in a timely manner. Miguel also offers his assistance to HSC Surplus and has helped in so many ways.

Nominated by Karl Skaar for Serve Others First

Ryan Hughes – HSC HealthJan 2021 Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is a visionary leader amongst the clinical practice. He is big-picture oriented and loves a challenge. With the changes for the 2021 E&M coding, Ryan looked ahead to see what all needed to be done in our Nextgen practice management system. Ryan noticed a lot of issues with the system patch which was supposed to integrate us to the new process. Ryan proactively brought up the issues to Nextgen and they were unable to resolve the issues for the 1/1/21 start date for us and all Nextgen practice users. Ryan was able to create and design and even better version of the system update than what would have been offered by Nextgen to make the updates and changes easier and more effective for the clinical practice providers. Ryan is imaginative, focused, and never afraid to take chances. He continually takes the practice to the next level with his skillset and visionary attitude. Ryan is an asset and I am grateful and blessed to have him part of my team.

Nominated by Leslie Henderson for Be Visionary