Valubility of the Month: February 2018

May 1, 2018 • valubility, VOTM

The February recipients of Valubility of the Month live out UNTHSC’s five core values on a day-to-day basis.

These recipients of the Valubility of the Month honor were selected from among dozens of nominees that a UNTHSC committee reviewed.

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Jewett Web

Janet Jowitt

Assistant Professor of Medical Education

The phrase that comes to mind for many of her students when they think of Dr. Jowitt is “going the extra mile.” Jowitt, who serves as the faculty advisor for the Infectious Disease Interest Group, is known for holding multiple extra training sessions outside of regular class time and readily volunteering nights and weekends to supervise events for the student organization.

One of Jowitt’s most impressive qualities is her commitment to know the name of each student. She shows that she also is committed to every student’s well-being, sometimes asking, “How are you really doing?” and “Do you have someone to talk to?”

“She is a great example for all students to follow,” one of her nominators said of Jowitt. “She truly cares for her students and teaches with passion and enthusiasm.”

Jowitt serves those around her selflessly and is remembered by one of her students for the time she drove to Irving to attend one of the student organization’s health care events.

Her students are not the only ones Jowitt strives to Serve First. Jowitt makes the most of every opportunity she has to emphasize to students the importance of serving patients first. She ensures that her students understand the patient’s perspective in order to foster positive patient-student experiences.

Nominated by Shin Kang, Sung Kang, Yohan Kim and Lexy Kindt.

Ana Web

Ana Villarreal

Department of Student Affairs

Ana Villarreal lives out the value of Being Visionary each day as she tackles challenges in the Department of Student Affairs. No matter what project Villarreal is assigned to, she is thoughtful and helpful in her suggestions in an effort to move the team forward. Whether she is working on the academic catalog or setting up class schedules, she strives to think creatively to accomplish the team’s goal.

One of Villarreal’s nominators said that she collaborates well with others and is easy to get along with. “I love walking in and see her smiling face each morning,” one of her nominators said. “She is always telling funny stories, trying to make us laugh, and is a joy to be around — a joy that’s infectious!”

Villarreal also lives out the value of Serving Others First. Even when she has her hands full with multiple projects, she is the first to drop what she is doing to help someone out. She answers questions kindly and goes out of her way to make others feel included in every situation.

No task is too big or too small for Villarreal. Whether it’s helping out with the front desk, printing diplomas, or assisting with TB skin test events, her nominators call her consistent in being a cheerful worker.

Nominated by Mayra Garcia, Janice Villarreal (no relation) and Obioma Ilouga

Swartz Web

Elizabeth Schwarz

Department of Human Resources

Elizabeth Schwarz lives out the values of Integrity and Collaboration in her work as an HR coordinator. Schwarz deals with confidential and sometimes difficult personnel issues, in which she exhibits Integrity and a commitment to do what is right, never just what is easy. Schwarz also embodies the value of Collaboration in her efforts to lead the HR team to helpful solutions when they are faced with both challenges and opportunities. She asks precise questions to ensure she understands each circumstance that the team is facing, in order that appropriate measures are taken to serve her colleagues.

One of her nominators said Schwarz leads by example and “conducts herself with the highest degree of professionalism while also conveying empathy and concern for the people and situations that she encounters in her HR role.”

“I have seen this on multiple occasions when my team has faced reorganization, position openings, compensation questions, and more,” one nominator said of Schwarz. “Elizabeth is always a highly reliable and trusted resource, and someone who makes working through problems an unexpected pleasure.”

A nominator said that in an instance when a new employee did not receive her first paycheck on time due to an error, Elizabeth was quick to resolve the issue, collaborating with multiple employees to have the error sorted out. Schwarz even drove to Denton to pick up the paycheck herself for the new employee.

Schwarz also serves on the Best Place for All team, where her knowledge and skills are utilized to advance policies around flexible work schedules. Through BPFA, she volunteers her time and counsel as a point person to the UNT System and UNTHSC campus teams to draft guidelines that better clarify opportunities available to employees. Schwarz is described by her nominators as honest, trustworthy, dependable and a great asset to the UNTHSC team.

Nominated by Doug White and Jason Hartley

Sun Web

Jie Sun

Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics  

Jie Sun wears multiple hats in her department and is appreciated for her hard work and dedication to the work she does. Sun is the lab instructor for three lab courses: Methods in Molecular Biology, Basic Methods in Forensic Genetics and Advanced Methods in Forensic Genetics. However, her profession goes beyond fulfilling her duties as a teacher — Sun is consistently working behind the scenes with students to give them the practical experience they need to become DNA analysts. She is known for her friendly demeanor and willingness to work with students in the lab outside regular hours, helping them get set up with all the tools and guidance they need.

“Jie is the most selfless person I have had the pleasure to work with,” one of her nominators said. “Our Professional MS program in Forensic Genetics would not exist without Jie.”

In addition, Sun also serves as the lab assistant for Dr. Nicole Phillips and works with Dr. Phillips’ graduate students on their research projects. She does all of this with a positive attitude and a hard-driven work ethic. 

Nominated by Dr. Joseph Warren, Brianna Foley, Clare Cuthbert, Ola Moussa, and Stephanie Giuffrida