Valubility Honorees for February

March 16, 2016 • valubility, VOTM

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Nominate a teammate or team for going above and beyond in living our values. A rotating committee of coworkers will select up to five recipients each month.
Valubility of the Month – Nomination Form
Do you know someone with Valubility? Fill out this short form to nominate them for Vaubility of the Month. Nominations will be sent to a small committee of your peers to review. Honorees will be announced at the end of each month.

Congratulations to the February 2016 Valubility of the Month honorees:

Kristina Clark

Kristina Clark – Student Affairs
Kristina Clark cares and it shows in the way she works tirelessly to assure that students have disability-related information and the tools they need to be successful. When she came to her role as Assistant Director of Disability Accommodation, services were being offered to a few students. By building a rapport with students and faculty that number has grown to 73 students. Krista has created a safe space for students so that all are able to live up to their potential.
Nominated by: Dr. Moorman and Dr. VanDuser

Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson – Office of Communication
Jill Johnson almost always has a camera around her neck, a smile on her face and a hearty laugh in the making. Her respect for others puts the most camera shy individuals at ease and brings out the best in every person she photographs. Her dedication to capturing every person’s story with compassion can be seen in the thousands of photographs she has taken. But what people don’t often see is the many hours she spends after hours and on weekends making sure no UNTHSC story goes untold.
Nominated by: Alex Branch

Blair Chappell

Blair Chappell – UNT Health
At the first mention of a values-based culture, Blair Chappell hopped onboard and became the number-one cheerleader for the campus. She immediately took on the task of integrating values-based interviewing on campus and met every challenge with determination and commitment. At the same time she has worked tirelessly to recruit the best and brightest to UNTHSC. With her enthusiasm and quick smile Blair has embraced the values and encouraged everyone to do the same.
Nominated by: Dena Silva

Craig Carter

Craig Carter – UNT System, Business Services
Personable, knowledgeable and resourceful. Those are the words used describe Craig Carter. Although he likely gets inundated with calls, no one would guess it by the way he treats every person. He’s always willing to stop whatever he’s doing to answer questions patiently and completely. He takes the time to provide solutions to complicated situations. He’s a “go-to” guy who’s always quick to go the extra mile for anyone who needs his assistance.
Nominated by: Lydia Anderson

Julie Schwartz

Julie Schwartz – TCOM Admissions
When her department was in transition Julie Schwartz kept things calm and caffeinated by making sure that there was always plenty of coffee available to ease the stress. She truly put others first when she set aside her own moving boxes until she was sure everyone else was happily settled in. Then she worked late to get everything prepared for the next day. Her generosity of spirit has not gone unnoticed by those who depend on her during good and challenging times.
Nominated by: Ann Smith

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