Valubility of the Month: August 2016

September 8, 2016 • valubility, VOTM

The August Valubility of the Month recipients share a common trait: they all are leaders dedicated to making life a little better for everyone they meet.

Dr. Howe Liu graciously stepped in at the last minute to replace a speaker at a continuing education course.

Dr. Helene Alphonso goes out of her way to make sure everyone is treated with special care.

Stephen McBroom has turned his passion for videography into a mission to make sure everyone on campus shines brightly.

Anna Bashmakov goes out of her way to make sure new students feel welcomed and get all of their questions answered when they start their journey at UNTHSC.

Edgar “Mauricio” Vecino brings humility and kindness to his role as a leader who knows how to make everyone feel appreciated.

These recipients of the August Valubility of the Month honor were selected from among dozens of nominees that a UNTHSC committee read through.

Congratulations to our teammates!

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Howe Liu

Howe Liu, Physical Therapy Program

He’s always quick to volunteer, helps students whenever they need assistance and encourages collaboration with others.

Howe Liu is someone people know they can count on whatever the circumstances. Recently when a speaker was unable to participate in a continuing education course, Howe quickly volunteered to fill in.

Whether he’s on campus or in another part of the world, he displays integrity, respect for others and dedication. A sought-after speaker in China, he encourages other faculty members to give presentations overseas with him. At the same time, he’s just as dedicated to bringing visiting scholars from China here.

Nominated by Yasser Salem and Mike Richardson.

Helene Alphonso

Helene Alphonso, Office of Educational Programs

She’s a natural at serving others first, so much so that patients, students and staff at UNTHSC have come to rely on her whenever they need help. Helene Alphonso has been described as a servant-leader — and no wonder. She is as dedicated to helping underserved populations in the community as she is to leading graduate medical education at UNTHSC.

She makes an impact in matters large and small and despite a busy schedule, she takes time to insure that residents, program directors and staff are content. Treating everyone with special care and kindness is a way of life for her.

Nominated by Kimberly Warfield.

Stephen McBroom

Stephen McBroom, Office of Communication

He’s the man behind the videos that have become the face of UNTHSC. Students, faculty, staff and patients have at one time or another found in Stephen McBroom a dedicated storyteller who goes out of his way to make sure everyone shines.

His videos may last just minutes, but he puts hours and hours into meticulously editing each frame, finding just the right music and checking every detail. His warm and inviting nature makes it easy for people to feel relaxed and trust him to show them in the best light. As one person said, “You know he’s going to take good care of you and the story you want to tell.”

Nominated by Dena Silva.

 Anna Bashmakov

Anna Bashmakov, TCOM OMS-II

Incoming students certainly have a friend in Anna Bashmakov.

A student herself, she warmly greeted newcomers during orientation and is more than willing to answer their every question. Despite her own classes to prepare for and attend, Anna still finds time to make life a little easier for anxious newcomers.

She definitely made an impression on one student who got extra attention from Anna. As her “big,” Anna gave the student a tote bag that included a spare stethoscope to keep in her locker, Netter’s Anatomy flashcards and other useful items. She’s been described as the “class mom” for good reason. She’s always ready to help.

Nominated by Lee Oud.

Edgar Vecino

Edgar “Mauricio” Vecino, Office of Clinical Trials

Edgar “Mauricio” Vecino is a strong leader who brings humility, wisdom and personality to everything he does. He exemplifies our values in the way he serves others first and strives to make everyone feel appreciated.

He’s created a collaborative environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and contributing to the team. He is the kind of leader who encourages creativity and innovation. His guidance, encouragement and vision have led members of his team to try new ways of doing their job, always in an effort to pursue excellence.

Nominated by Colton Castle.