Valubility of the Month: April 2017

May 17, 2017 • valubility, VOTM

The April recipients of Valubility of the Month bring stories of putting students’ needs first, volunteering and collaborating with others.

These recipients of the Valubility of the Month honor were selected from among dozens of nominees that a UNTHSC committee reviewed.

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CS webCathy Sanchez, Student Affairs

As Assistant Director in the Student Affairs Financial Aid Office (FAO), Cathy Sanchez puts students’ needs first and her team members’ needs a very close second. She exemplifies the value of being visionary in her constant quest to improve methods of answering all students’ questions promptly. This helps ease students’ anxiety over finances and lets them focus on their education.

On average, when a student emails the FAO, Cathy responds within a few minutes, faster than most financial aid offices. In this she serves others first and shows respect for students.

Cathy is dedicated to sharing information that our students need, via platforms they prefer. She implemented a new Twitter account that provides students advice on finances and debt management. Cathy is working to implement another innovation to let students communicate with the FAO in real time.

Since starting seven years ago as a Senior Financial Aid Counselor, Cathy has been promoted to Assistant Director because of her skills and values. She helps each staff member to make sure they have what they need to be successful. She exemplifies the value of Integrity in many ways, including taking the time to ensure all tasks comply with federal, state and institutional regulations. If she doesn’t know a regulation or policy, she goes out of her way to make sure she finds the answer and shares it with team members.

Cathy’s visionary habits include constantly updating interoffice policies and procedures. She gladly shares with her team the knowledge she has gained in her years here. Cathy shows the value of respect for her team members and collaboration by maintaining an upbeat environment that fosters excellence.

Nominated by: Amy Fox, Oscar Lazarky and Joseph Sanche

DJ webDakeya Jordan, Family Medicine

Dr. Dakeya Jordan puts her patients first, yet also makes time to help everyone in the clinic find better ways to work. She manages several different “moving wheels” simultaneously, with unusual drive and focus–plus a sense of humor and a positive, upbeat outlook.

Dr. Jordan does paperwork and phoning during lunch and late into the evening so her patients can get necessities such as medical supplies, FMLA documentation, and home health aid. An example of her collaborative nature is that she often consults the clinic social worker to learn more about how to match services with patients’ needs.

Dr. Jordan shows integrity by the example she sets in being reliable and thorough. She stands by her words and her actions. We who work in the clinic know that if we ask her to address an issue with a patient, it will get done.

Always looking for ways to improve processes in the clinic, she collaborates with all and is open to suggestions. She organized monthly clinic meetings that include an educational piece as well as time for committees to split off and discuss in smaller groups ways to improve clinic processes and patient care. She uses a “Plan-Do-Study-Act” problem-solving model to improve clinic processes. She constantly strives for improvement and encourages team members to do the same.

Nominated by: Erin Miranda

RC webRichard Chiou, Student, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Homeless clients of the student-run HOME Clinic keep coming back because they know they can trust volunteer Richard Chiou to listen respectfully to their stories and make them feel comfortable.

HOME provides free health screenings to the homeless; connects them with HIV screenings and dental and vision care; and provides hygiene products and warm clothing. Richard serves on the Triage Team and does much more, constantly serving others. He loads supplies, organizes teams, recruits patients, and more.

Although he hasn’t formally begun his medical training, he continually makes a positive impact on the homeless population through his kindness and dedication. He makes our homeless clients feel important and valued, regardless of their circumstances — and he does the same for everyone at HOME Clinic. He has been an invaluable member of our team and a huge asset.

Richard has no requirement to be at our HOME Clinic, but he has come to serve with a big heart and a willing attitude. He comes early to help, even if it’s 7:30 on a Saturday morning. He impresses everyone with his dedication and kindness, time and time again.

Nominated by: Amy Owen

SB webSandy Bauman, Office of Sustainability

Sandy Bauman exemplifies serving others first, collaboration and being visionary on a daily basis. Always an enthusiastic collaborator on campus-wide events and initiatives, she looks for new ways to get people involved and educated.

Collaborating with the Division of Student Affairs on multiple events and initiatives including the Earth Day-themed Picnic, the Student Food Pantry fresh-produce days, and even Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Sandy offered her time and supplies to create success. She also generously shared her established list of community partners, enabling Student Affairs to collaborate not only with the Office of Sustainability but also with community organizations.

Sandy has created new and innovative ways to further UNTHSC’s sustainability. Whether it’s solar-paneled umbrellas for the courtyard, the Lab Efficiency Action Program or the big Earth Day celebration, it’s exciting to hear about her new projects.

Increased awareness and involvement have resulted from two of her initiatives: the Sustainability Newsletter and the Sustainability Liaison Program. These provide opportunities for all team members to stay educated and to work toward improved sustainability. The liaison program also enables two-way communication both from the Office of Sustainability to departments and back from the departments to Sustainability.

Sandy always says “yes” when asked for assistance or consultation. Even faced with a novel or preliminary proposal, she works to make the request a reality, investing her time and energy in producing a meaningful, educational, successful event. It’s a true pleasure to work with someone as selfless as Sandy. She creates solutions for a healthier community and for our planet.

Nominated by: Stephanie Cuellar

CSS webCorey Sagehorn, Student, School of Public Health

Corey Sagehorn is a first-year student who took initiative in seeking experience in her future profession by serving as a volunteer intern in the Office of Wellness Services. Reminded that her time with the Student Food Pantry would neither qualify as practicum experience nor toward class credit, Corey smiled and said she wanted to serve, regardless.

From that day forward, Corey has been a servant leader in Wellness Services. She devotes roughly 12 hours each week tending to the Student Food Pantry, assisting with various prevention and awareness programs, and researching food insecurity. She serves others first in contributing to any project, no matter the size of the task.

Her work in the pantry enables the office to stay ahead of the campus’s needs. She dedicates time to finding new and creative ways to solicit donations and even takes the time to send a  High 5 to each person who donates.

She also exemplifies the visionary value by creating a new way to track donation data and developing a seamless process for ensuring expired food is removed from the shelves promptly. Corey is truly making a huge impact within our community by ensuring a reliable, safe supply of pantry food.

Corey has displayed the utmost respect for students who use pantry. She provides excellent customer service while also respecting students’ privacy. She gives first-timers a brief overview and instructions on how to weigh and log their food. She then gives them their privacy and time to shop around independently. Corey has done a tremendous job maintaining an atmosphere of respect and trust.

She also has been a key player in collaborations with the Community Garden, which provides fresh produce to the pantry. She streamlined the logistical process of the Fresh Produce Days. Additionally, she has worked directly with Garden Coordinator Betsy Friauf to help transport and unload the produce. Her service and collaborative efforts allow us to occasionally offer fresh items such as lettuce, carrots and herbs.

Corey is approaching her last month as an intern. Though sad to see her go, her teammates are confident she will continue to contribute to a healthier community—and will be happy to provide her a glowing recommendation letter. She is truly an inspiration and a reminder of what service looks like.

Nominated by: Stephanie Cuellar