Susanna Luk-Jones – Geriatrics

April 29, 2022 • April 2022, Respect, valubility, VOTM

Valubility of the Month April 2022 

Nominated by Dr. Sarah Ross for Respect

Susanna does a wonderful job at exemplifying all of our HSC Values, but the behaviors listed under ‘Respect’ are descriptive of what Susanna does every day! She is a dependable team member and I would choose her for my team any day! I have been so appreciative of her organization and attentiveness to details. Even when deadlines are looming or other team members are not following through on their tasks on time, Susanna keeps a level-head and communicates courteously with team members both within and across departments on campus. One of her routines that helps us stay on target is regular follow up and ‘closing the loop’ for important communications. She expresses appreciation to her team and works to make sure that all team members have the opportunity to contribute. Susanna is an asset to our educational and research program in the Center for Older adults, and so much would not happen without her diligent work behind the scenes. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Susanna every week and am proud of the accomplishments our teams have made during her time at UNTHSC!

Susanna Luk Jones Valubility of the Month Nominee April 2022