Steven Bartolotta, John Lentz and James Renfro

December 15, 2021 • Collaboration, Nov.-Dec. 2021, VOTM

Steven Bartolotta – Academic Communications

John Lentz – Educational Programs, TCOM

James Renfro – Student & Academic Affairs

Nominated by Felicity White for Collaboration

This group deserves Valubility of the Month for their leadership in making a substantial revision and improvement to the annual TCOM Medical Student Performance Evaluation (Dean’s Letter) process for the 2022 Match cycle. As a result of their combined efforts and leveraging technology, the letters were transformed into a MUCH more readable and useful product which will serve our students (and the GME programs seeking to recruit them) very well. Additionally, the workload was streamlined to make more efficient use of everyone’s time. Kudos to Jimmy, John, and Steven!

Valubility of the Month – Nov./Dec. 2021