Sarah Blackwell – Human Resources

February 15, 2022 • February 2022, Serve Others First, VOTM

Nominated by Jason Hartley for Serve Others First

Exceeding expectations, that is Sarah Blackwell. Last year we lost a beloved employee in our division. After his passing his wife struggled to get all the documentation together for TRS to receive benefits. Not being fluent in benefits or English, Sarah came to the rescue! I called Sarah explaining the situation and the spouse’s desires to meet in person. Sarah was working remotely and she offered immediately to come meet us in person to assist. The spouse was very timid and not trusting, but by the end of the meeting they were chatting it up in Spanish. Because previous paperwork hadn’t been filled out correctly another meeting would be required. Sarah agreed to come back to assist with what we had hoped to be the final paper work. In the second meeting we were well on our way to getting a resolution for the spouse. At the conclusion of the meeting the spouse had requested Sarah’s assistance with social security benefits. I thought to myself this isn’t really Sarah’s responsibility but Sarah said sure thing, I’m working from home next week and we live close to one another so I can come pick you up and we can call together and get it taken care of. Although I didn’t show it, I had that lump in my throat, Sarah’s actions reminded me of Jose. Someone who never met a stranger, always willing to go above and beyond for someone because that’s who they are. Words can’t express my heartfelt appreciation for Sarah. She exhibits all the HSC values and I’m grateful for her.

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